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BurnInTest 10.2 Build 1004 by PassMark

Download BurnInTest 10.2


PassMark BurnInTest is computer stability and reliability testing software for Windows and Linux. It is a tool that heavily loads all the major sub-systems of a computer with the aim of fully exercising the hardware in a computer in a short period of time.

The program tests your CPU, hard drives, RAM, CDs, CD and DVD burners, sound cards, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, network connectivity, printers, and video playback.

BurnInTest will bring intermittent or subtle problems to the surface. After the computer is successfully turned on, you can use it with a higher level of confidence. BurnInTest can also be used by overclocking professionals to check system stability at high clock speeds.

PassMark BurnInTest is a software tool that allows all major computer subsystems to be simultaneously stress tested for endurance, reliability and stability.

PassMark BurnInTest Features:

  • An easy to use point and click interface
  • Native 64-bit hardware and O/S support.
  • Online Help and PDF Manual
  • Certification of customer style results
  • Support for print results
  • Helps in computer troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • The best value professional tool on the market!
  • The best and fastest CPU burning tool around!
  • Avoid connecting D.O.A. (Dead on Reach) devices for your customers.
  • Dramatically reduce your burn at times with simultaneous multithreaded testing of components.
  • Build your image as a supplier of quality systems.
  • Avoid costly downtime, system rebuilds and lost data.
  • Test system stability after configuration changes or hardware upgrades (critical for overclocking).
BurnInTest's Maximum CPU Temperature Test is a vital tool for PC enthusiasts and overclockers looking to check the reliability and stability of their CPU and cooling systems with a heat-generating torture test.


BurnInTest can be made into a bootable solution from a USB drive, optical disc, or PXE bootable (using PassMark WinPE Builder)


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