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SpeedCommander 20.10

Download SpeedCommander 20.10

Tired of explorer? Then replace it. SpeedCommander is a faster and more powerful file manager that makes it easy to select, sort, transfer and manipulate all your files.

The two-pane interface gives you a complete view of two folders, for example, very useful when copying files. Nor do these folders have to be on local drives. You can also connect to network folders, or even FTP sites via the built-in FTP client.

Selecting files is also easier. If you want to select all the JPEGs in a folder, for example, click on one of them and choose the Select > Files with Same Extension option (or press Alt + Num +). Or you can create more advanced filters, for example, to select all JPEGs over 1MB that were created in the past year. Save this and you can apply it at any time, with a few clicks, to select the files you've selected - no need to slow down Ctrl + click anything else.

SpeedCommander works well with archive formats, treating them all (not just ZIP files) like folders. So if you downloaded a RAR file, for example, you don't have to unpack it with some other package - just double-click SpeedCommander and it will display the contents for you.

There is also a versatile file viewer. Group rename tool. Folder sync option. Macro support allows you to automate repetitive tasks, and SpeedCommander's functionality can be further expanded using a set of add-ons.

Download SpeedCommander 20.10.10600


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