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download ImDisk ToolKit 2022.08.07

ImDisk ToolKit 2022.08.07

download ImDisk ToolKit

ImDisk Toolkit comes packed with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver in order to provide all users with a more intuitive way to take advantage of the full set of features offered by this great application.

Perform complex operations even with little previous experience
With the ImDisk Toolkit, you can now perform operations that would normally require a higher level of knowledge when it comes to console commands. This specific program combines ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver along with the DiscUtils library used to extend the range of image file formats as well as graphical user interfaces for each enabled component.

Once deployed, the ImDisk Toolkit adds three tools to your arsenal including ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver, Mount Image File and RamDisk Configuration Utilities. You can use all of them at the same time or just one to help you get your job done quickly and easily.

Work with a wide range of formats
Moreover, this specific set of tools allows you to work with a large number of ready-made formats. You can also try to work with file systems other than the popular FAT and NTFS formats, but this usually requires that additional drivers for the system are properly installed.

Among the wide range of supported image file formats, ImDisk Toolkit has no problem handling static, dynamic and multipart VHDK files specified for VirtualBox or standard disk image files such as ISO, NRG, BIN, or raw formats.

Intuitive GUI that makes the source application more intuitive
Based on ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver, ImDisk Toolkit is a really nice source app, a treat that attracts both beginners and more advanced users who want to make use of it whenever they need a virtual disk.

The fact that ImDisk Toolkit does the best that ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver does should already be enough to attract praise from many community groups. With ImDisk Toolkit, the ImDisk virtual disk driver receives not just a face, but a soul.

Size: 5.9 MB

download ImDisk ToolKit


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