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SeaMonkey 2.53.13

Download SeaMonkey 2.53.13

Browsers have become more advanced over the years, and they are constantly evolving every day. The competition is stiff, and that's best of all, because the solutions to choose from are numerous.

It's hard to stay afloat with such stiff competition, but sometimes you see browsers trying to extend their functionality beyond what one would expect, and SeaMonkey is one such example. A powerful browser client with advanced email and IRC capabilities, built on Firefox source code, with an old school touch to its design.

Simple but complex program
The application maintains a very old-school-like design, with the navigation buttons large and colorful, faintly reminiscent of one of the eras of Windows 98-XP. This design may be inappropriate for some, but you should know that, at its core, it is still a modern browser: the default search engine is privacy-focused DuckDuckGo, and the overall browsing experience is very smooth.

If you like the design, you will appreciate the themes offered for this browser. Whether you want an Aero-based look, a deeper look for Windows 98, or something more retro, it's clear that the program (and its users) embrace such designs.

Mail, IRC and more
What sets this browser apart are the nested features in the window menu. Basically, users can access a full email client from this software. In addition to that, the app also comes with an address book and IRC panel, and these features bring a huge amount of added value.

Browser clients are really complex, but you can check your mailbox, reply and send emails to anyone you want, and chat with your friends through ChatZilla, the integrated IRC client.

Given that it's based on Mozilla Firefox source code - which Thunderbird just happens to include - it's not at all surprising that these features are here. Everything is fully functional, which is commendable when talking about such versatile software: the browser, email, and IRC clients all worked without error in our test, and the experience was fun.

SeaMonkey is a giant software that runs tons of features that complement each other beautifully, which is why trying it out will be worth your time.

File name : seamonkey-2.53.13.en-US.win32.installer.exe
Operating System: Windows
Size : 50.5 MB
latest version : 2.53.13
Update date : 11/7/2022
Browser : SeaMonkey
Platform : Windows 32-bit : 64-bit
Developed by : Mozilla 


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