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Buttercup 2.17.0

Download Buttercup 2.17.0

Download Buttercup

Buttercup uses extremely strong encryption to protect your sensitive details under one master password - feel free to use stronger, more complex passwords for each service and let Buttercup store them securely.

Buttercup is free to download and use and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Use it in conjunction with your browser extension and mobile app for a completely portable experience.

Buttercup for mobile

Take your login credentials wherever you go by installing the free iOS or Android app on your phone. Buttercup mobile gives you access to the same archives you use on the desktop app and browser extension, so newly added details can be seen on all your devices.

Buttercup's mobile apps use security technologies similar to banking apps, such as automatic locking and a security overlay when the app is minimized.


Strong encrypted 256-bit AES archiving that meets current security standards. Rest assured that your credentials are secure.


User-friendly interfaces with basic concepts make storing and finding your login details a piece of cake.


Buttercup is free to download and use forever. It is also available for all major platforms.

what's new
Navigation in Vault has been improved by switching from a static sidebar to draggable tabs. Tabs also provide a right-click context menu to make the process easier.
This version also includes a feature to display passwords when entering a vault password.

File : Buttercup-win-x64-2.17.0-installer.exe
File size: 57.3MB
License: Free
Updated: September 2, 2022
Developed by: Buttercup


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